Dicer Ruhle SR1

Very efficiet and easy to use Dicer Ruhle SR1

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Brand: Ruhle
Model: SR1
Year: 2010

The RÜHLE SR1 dicer is a machine for cutting fresh, cooked or slightly frozen meats (down to minus 3 degrees Celsius), sausages, hams, cooked vegetables, fish and suitable types of cheese into cubes, slices or slices.

The maximum capacity of the device is approx. 1000 kg / hour. Temperature of the processed material: - 1 deg. C to + 80 deg. C.

The construction of the cutting grids, the geometry of the chamber, as well as the intelligent pressure system ensure millimeter cutting accuracy, high efficiency and repeatability of the process. Also when the cutting load is particularly hard, very soft or extremely dry.

The dicer is made entirely of stainless steel, has smooth surfaces and gently rounded edges. The large working chamber eliminates pre-cutting and allows you to place e.g. whole pork neck or well-stuffed products with a caliber of 90.

The design of the device places particular emphasis on hygiene. The product path is completely sealed off from the drive parts, eliminating any possible contamination.