Vacuum packing machine Turbovac 900STE XL

Reliable two-chamber point packing machine by Turbovac with bush pump

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Brand: Turbovac
Type: 900STE XL
Seal length: 4x 695mm
Cycle Time: 20-35 sekund
Voltage: 400V-3-50Hz
Power: 6,2kW
Machine dimensions: 1645 x 1125 x 1170 mm
BUSH vacuum pump: 160 m3

The Turbovac 900STE XL vacuum packer is constructed entirely from stainless steel including a stainless steel chamber.

The vacuum packer runs of a 3 phase supply and is fitted with a Busch 160m3 vacuum pump. Busch coat all the internal components of there vacuum pumps to increase their lifetime, they are world renown for their quality.

The 900STE XL vacuum packing machine comes with four seal beams each 695mm in length, two in one chamber and two in the other. The seal beams have a distance between them of 780mm and create a double seal on the vacuum bags. This double seal can be changed to seal and cut off by changing one of the wires on the seal beam, this can be done very quickly and easily. 

The vacuum packer comes complete with a digital control panel with a sensor control accurate to within 1mBar of vacuum pressure. 

All the electric parts in the vacuum packer are covered by IP65 water and dust level protection, for further peace of mind when cleaning down the vacuum packer.