Nowicki MA-2000 PSCH

Vacuum tumbler with cooling coat by Nowicki with a capacity of 2000 liters

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Brand: Nowicki
Type: MA - 2000 PSCH
Capacity: 2000 litrów
Year: 2004
Weight: 1400 kg
Power: 4,1 kW
Length: 313 cm
Height: 135 cm
Width: 178 cm

The Nowicki vacuum tumbler with a capacity of 2000 liters with the cooling coat (with the unit included) designed for plasticizing muscles, meat parts, small meats, carcasses and poultry parts in a vacuum. It ensures high quality of manufactured sausage products


Design advantages:

 acid-resistant design

 precisely selected shape of the drum and tumbler blades system

 microprocessor controller

 smooth adjustment of all massage parameters

 maintenance-free vacuum regulation system

 multi-stage protection system for the vacuum pump

 technological hole

 brine intake valve

 pulsating vacuum

 possibility of massaging in a replaceable (gaseous) environment

 computer system for monitoring device operating parameters

 Weighing systems (option)



 Tumbler Nowicki MA-2000 PSCH

 Year of production: 2004

 Capacity: 2000 liters

 Weight: 1400 kg

 Power: 4.1 kW 400V

 Length: 2500 mm

 Width: 1300 mm

 Height: 1780 mm


 ZCH-2 cooling unit

 Year of production: 2004

 Power: 3.2 kW 380V

 Weight: 144 kg

 Length: 3130 mm

 Width: 1350 mm

 Height: 760 mm