Cutter Nowicki Tajfun 125

Cutter Nowicki Tajfun 125 liters

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Brand: Nowicki
Type: Tajfun 125
Capacity: 125 liters
Knives: 6 x
Power: 57 kW
Length: 2500 mm
Width: 1700 mm
Height: 1850 mm
Control box dimenstions: 1000 mm x 500 mm x 1600 mm

Cutter Nowicki Tajfun 125, ideal for small and medium-sized industrial plants and meat companies. The machine was designed and manufactured in Poland by the renowned Nowicki company.


The cutter is easy to use and maintain, which allows for quick and trouble-free operation in both manual and automatic modes. It has a powerful and quiet 50 kW drive motor that enables fast and effective meat processing.


The machine is equipped with 6 cutting knives, the rotation of which together with the bowl is regulated with an inverter - up to a maximum cutting speed of 131 m/sec.


It has an additional function of dispensing water.


The Tajfun 125 cutter is made of durable materials, entirely of stainless steel, which guarantees a long service life of the machine. It is the ideal machine for companies that want to increase their productivity and the quality of their meat products.


The machine is in excellent technical condition and ready to work.